A unique and beautiful space has been created at Number 45 High Street in the heart of Sligo town where all members of our community can meet, engage and enjoy themselves. 

This is the first meeting space of its kind in Ireland and we hope it will pave the way for a new concept in connecting communities.  

Everyone is welcome at Number 45. There are no exceptions. It is a place for us all.  

You might come in for a cosy, quiet space to read a newspaper and stay for a chat. You might come to warm up with a hot drink and stay for some creative activities. You might come to see what it’s all about and end up making someone else’s day.   

As always, all welcome at Number 45. Drop in and open your mind.

Fill our space with joy,
creativity and fun.

Learn something new. Try something

“Inclusion refers to creating an environment where all people are truly welcomed, valued and respected! For all of who they are, regardless of their differences.” 

Number 45