Starting from the 20th of February 2023 here in Number 45, High Street at 1pm, for an hour. Come and go as you please.

A place to be still and at peace.

We are offering an opportunity to members of our community to come together and sit in stillness for a short while. In this spirit of quietness and stillness we can often connect with that part of our selves that is always present, always nurturing and is our place of pure perfection within, where mastery rests.

This quiet gentle and timeless part of our being accompanies us on our journey through this life, it transcends age, disability, good times, bad, times, success, failure, wealth, poverty, popularity, abandonment, attainment – it is the constant backdrop to our very existence.

Coming to know and tap into this inner resource can be a source of great strength in difficult times and great magic at all other times.