Test Conference

Test Conference 

 The accessible building was opened by the Sligo Centre for Independent Living in response to the isolation it was seeing among its members as well as a general diminished sense of belonging in communities in general.

 Number 45 was the vision of Sligo CIL’s board and staff to ‘be the change we wish to see’ in the community. This vision was shared by a number of agencies including the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, who have supported this project from the very beginning.

They wanted to create a space to connect all members of the community. A space where everyone – from the bereaved, the lonely, those with disabilities, able people, cool people, older people, young people to those who feel they have no labels at all – could meet each other.

 Everyone is welcome, just the way they are. We don’t want to change you; we don’t want to ‘fix’ you. We like you just as you are and would like to say ‘hello’.

 The aim is to break down barriers between different sectors and create a fun, inviting place for the entire community.

Sligo CIL is a not-for-profit organisation committed to inclusion, equality and empowerment for people with disabilities. Its mission is to facilitate people with disabilities to lead independent lives, make choices and participate in mainstream society.

 While Number 45 was created by Sligo CIL, this space is not for just one section of the community.

Everyone is welcome at Number 45.
There are no exceptions. It is a place for us all.